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Graphistes de l’Ombre

The association des Graphistes de l’Ombre (Association of shadow designers, European Network for a Responsible Communication) was created in 2006 in Marseille is an open participatory network made of training, communication and design professionals.


Our commitment to environmental issues also leads us to promote responsible communication, which for us means:

  • Conscious, caring and attentive communication that respects the free will and cultural prisms of each individual.
  • A communication of social utility, which is not solely for profit.
  • Communication that works to preserve the environment.
  • Communication promoting a sustainable and equitable society.


We explore the subject of authentic communication through verbal and non-verbal practices such as:

  • The pedagogy of play.
  • Sociocratic circles.
  • Methods of collective intelligence, including the use of co-design, mental maps, writing workshops.
  • Marshall Rosenberg’s NonViolent Communication®.
  • Photolanguage® and sequential images.
  • Intercultural pedagogy as promoted by the Franco-German Youth Office.


As well as any other psycho-physical approach, forum theatre, theatre of the invisible, art therapy, yoga, massage, body percussion, contact dance…



The social promotion association Petit Pas Aps was founded in Trani, Puglia (IT) in 2015, by a group of professionals, trainers and youth leaders motivated by the desire of improving their community, promoting social initiatives inspired by democracy, equality, and pluralism. Over the years, it has become a structured associative reality, with a large number of associates and volunteers who have embraced our mission by recognizing the importance of having inclusive, peaceful and just societies. Our goal is to enhance the level of knowledge and skills of our community regardless of gender, social background, cultural or educational background. Our aim is to equip the local and surrounding community with the right knowledge and skills that will enable them to access the labor market and increase their chances of progressing in the same. Through our workshops and seminars collaborate and support retirees to act as mentors for young people. We have carried out projects with disabled young people, giving them the opportunity to work as volunteers in our organization covering roles that could enhance their strengths. To achieve these goals, we are in contact with important universities, schools and associations. Our staff has many years of working experience, business and professional contacts with private and public organizations. The skills and knowledge learned by our staff thanks to the involvement of Petit Pas association in Erasmus + projects, in the experiences of intercultural dialogue, as well as in training courses and social volunteering, have also meant that the territory and organizations active in the social field, they came into contact with new realities and with different ways of conceiving Europe.

Partner Tropical Astral

TropicalAstral Lda

TropicalAstral Lda is a private adult education provider and digital marketing agency, focused mainly on providing private executive business language lessons to corporate clients in the Algarve area. Courses are offered in the major European languages. In addition to language training, TropicalAstral offers translations, proofreading, editing, voice-overs, subtitling and bespoke Website & Social Media Management solutions.
Other programs offered include free-of-charge portuguese lessons, free networking events and courses for expats looking to move to Portugal, providing them with useful information on social security, TAX etc.


TropicalAstral has significant in-house experience in educational resource, website creation and mobile application development and content building. The owner and key employee of TropicalAstral has also created the teachers’ tool website “The Language Menu”, which has a member base of around 35.000 teachers from over 100 countries worldwide. This technical and creative expertise is also a key contribution that TropicalAstral can bring to a project.


While TropicalAstral has only been founded in 2020, it has staff working from many different countries, all of which have previously been involved in EU projects in the past.


Teaching material made by TropicalAstral staff can be found (free of charge) in different languages on, TeachersPayTeachers, SlideShare and many other platforms on the internet.

Partner Femxa

Femxa Formación S.L.U

Femxa Formación SLU is a training company specialized in training for employment, aimed at companies, public administration, consulting, professional offices, training centers and individuals. Its goal is to increase the competitiveness of organizations, employability, and professional qualification of people.


With more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of training plans in different business sectors, Femxa participates in all the processes involved in the teaching-learning process, from the analysis of the training needs of an entity, organization or public administration, to the design of the training plan that provides the specific solutions to these needs, through the development of materials and didactic means, the selection of teaching experts or advisors in the teaching process, the delivery of training activities both in training activities, in any type of teaching, and other activities (conferences, coaching sessions, workshops, conferences, etc.), financial management and dissemination of the projects.

Partner CIPFP Misericordia

CIPFP Misericordia

Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional Misericordia (CIPFPM) is a Vocational education high school from Valencia. It is a state centre depending on the Valencia Ministry of Education. CIPFPM is the biggest vocational high school in the region with almost 3,000 students and 185 full-time teachers. Pupils can study vocational studies of the following professional branches: Business administration, Secretarial studies, Commerce, Marketing, Electronics and Socio cultural services.