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Based on the learning by doing and learning by helping methodologies for supporting vulnerable adult learners.


NUTCRACKER is an Erasmus+ project, aimed at creating a methodological framework for teachers and trainers working with adults with fewer opportunities, and they will be involved in the pilot activities in each country. The Nutcracker project pivots on the learning by helping methodology.

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What defines the project?

Social Impact

Adults that are beneficiary of social services have the chance to also collaborate with social services by donating the things that have been refurbished during the pilots. The project will also contribute to the European Green Deal by implementing practices that foster circular economy principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.


The Covid pandemic is leaving many adults disengaged, disconnected and discontent. From mental problems to unemployment, from radical social changes to the failure to cope with them, many adults feel inside a turmoil that cannot navigate. So, there is a risk of social exclusion as many feel that they are left behind. For all this, the project seeks to help reconnect with oneself.


The inclusion of people that is usually left behind in the education sector is one of the main priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and by the NUTCRACKER project itself. The project aims at creating training materials for adult learners that are at risk of social exclusion, long-term unemployed or with migrant backgrounds.

Nutcracker is an European project that includes as partners organisations experts in the fields of education and formation of four different countries.

Co-Funded by the European Union

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