Pintando un muñeco

Learning by doing and learning by helping methodologies for supporting vulnerable adult learners.

The project pursues the following objectives:


Engage the disengaged and connect the disconnected due to the covid pandemic. Being inclusion a key element, we will build an inter-modal methodology that links small manual works + digital skills in order to promote the acquisition of skills that are relevant for the job market.


Social impact of the pilots. The main target group of the project will be involved in activities that also help others, this will foster their feeling of belongingness to their communities; and constitutes a big psychological change.


Main project results:


  • Identifying relevant best practices in restoration of toys, books, electronic devices, clothes etc.; and best practices in the creation of video tutorials for adult learners.
  • Creation of training materials for adult learners.
  • A training platform and an e-learning course.
  • Pilot activities in all participant countries.


WP / Project results:


  • Project Management and Implementation.
  • Dissemination and exploitation.
  • Creation of the training curriculum.
  • Creation of the training platform and pilots with adult learners.